4D nail gel 002 (Canary), 5 gr.

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Brand: In’Garden


Gel modeling is a breakthrough in the nail industry, and we are ready to present you a new product - 4D gels from In'Garden!
Now the master can perform volumetric sculpting on the nails with 4D In'Garden gel, creating with its help the most incredible compositions.

An important advantage of gel sculpting over acrylic is that the gel is odorless, so many masters choose volumetric gel sculpting. 4D-gel In'Garden is convenient to use in work - it is plastic, does not spread over the surface of the nail, with its help the master gets the opportunity to create designs that will please the most demanding clients!

Advantages of 4D In'Garden color gels:

  • Has a bright, rich color.
  • Ideal for volumetric designs.
  • After polymerization, it has a matte texture similar to acrylic molding.
  • Easy to use.
  • Unlimited time to create designs

How to use: With a manicure stick, take out the required amount of gel and distribute it on the right place on the nail, use a sculpting brush to form the desired element, dry it in a lamp (UV lamp - 2 minutes, LED lamp - 1 minute). Rinse the brush in liquid to remove the sticky layer.
When using 4D gels for volumetric sculpting, consider the following: When gel sculpting, you need to dry each design element made in a new color in an ultraviolet lamp. Care must be taken to ensure that the elements of the nail design do not merge with each other until the gel is completely solidified.

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