HARMONY - acrylic system

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1 969.00р.
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HARMONY - acrylic system

The newest acrylic system ProHesion from the leader of the American and world nail industry - Hand & Nail Harmony company went on sale in 2014.

The ProHesion system is designed with the latest advances in the US nail industry in mind. It is based on the new Cross Link Technology (Cross Link Technology), which allows to shorten the laying time of the material and give powders even higher strength and durability, even with ultra-thin laying. The material is self-leveling, does not have a marble effect and eliminates the appearance of bubbles. The ideally matched brightness of the polymers avoids discoloration due to the interaction of powder and modeling fluid.

The subtle odor of the new ProHesion monomer will not cause discomfort to odor-sensitive craftsmen and clients, and its optimized hybrid molecular structure will provide an even stronger adhesion to the nail plate without the use of aggressive acidic primers.

ProHesion . What should be acrylic.