Bearing set # 2, for Strong handles (motor), 2 pcs.

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A set of bearings for the Strong handle motor, 2 pieces. Permissible load in operation up to 40,000 rpm.
Suitable for handles (micromotors)

  • Strong 120
  • Strong 120 II
  • Strong 105L
  • Strong 102
  • Strong 102L
  • Strong 107 II

The most vulnerable and quickly failing parts in a manicure machine are bearings and carbon brushes.

Wear is affected by:

  • Operating time of the device
  • The material on which the master works
  • Not timely maintenance and cleaning

The router handle breaks down, starts to warm up, there is extra noise, knocking. With these symptoms, it is necessary to inspect the router by disassembling it into parts.

Country of origin: South Korea, replica.

IMPORTANT: bearings are selected according to the handle (motor) model - in this case it is "Strong 120, 120 II, 105L, 102, 102L, 107 II", and not according to the model of the device itself (these can be any Strong devices). The main thing is the handle (motor) model! We advise you to replace the bearings at a service center.

Bearings are consumables and cannot be returned and exchanged in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 01.19.1998 N 55 (as amended on 05.16.2020).

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