GENA, Pedi Spa Detox Charcoal Intro Kit, Charcoal Detox Pedicure Kit

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Brand: Gena

Detox SPA pedicure set of 4 preparations:

1 step - Pedi Spa Detox Charcoal Soak 129 gr. - Detox soak for spa pedicure with charcoal
Step 2 - Pedi Spa Detox Charcoal Scrub 118 ml. - Detox scrub for spa pedicure with charcoal
Step 3 - Pedi Spa Detox Charcoal Mask 118 ml. - Charcoal Spa Pedicure Detox Mask
Step 4 - Pedi Spa Detox Charcoal Creme 118 ml. - Spa Pedicure Detox Cream with Charcoal

The Gena PediSpa DETOX System is 4 easy steps for the perfect detoxification and skin rejuvenation treatment using the power of black charcoal. Soaking, scrub, mask and massage lotion in the system.

Gena PediSpa DETOX is everything you need to achieve an excellent pedicure result. The active ingredient - BLACK CHARCOAL has a powerful absorbent effect and is used as a detoxifying agent. Black coal works like a pump, drawing in and absorbing dirt, grease and various sediments that are a thousand times its own weight. Each particle of charcoal has incredible porosity, which is key in absorbing various contaminants and toxins. Easily washed off with water, the coal picks up any dirt.

It is because of this that the Gena PediSpa DETOX 4-step system is an excellent method for cleansing and restoring the skin of the legs.

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