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Control Gel Intro Kit - control gel starter kit (suitable for 50+ nail strengthening procedures)

Contents of the set : Control Gel (transparent), Control Solution construction fluid (147 ml.), Control Gel Spatula metal spatula.

CONTROL GEL is an ideal material for craftsmen who value their time and the quality of their work.

- An innovative product with a patented formula created in the .ibd laboratory. - a leader in gel technologies
- Safe, hypoallergenic, odorless and dust-free
- Does not contain formaldehyde and toluene
- Controlled gel alignment
- Suitable for both strengthening natural nails and modeling artificial
- Low cost of the procedure
- A product that has all the necessary certificates of conformity EAC
- Manufactured in the USA

Control Gel is a proprietary LED / UV gel made from ingredients that make it an absolutely unique product on the nail market.
Control Gel is a product that is easy to use, easy to apply and cures quickly in UV and LED machines.
All of the above qualities make Control Gel an ideal material for both beginners and professionals.

Prepare the nail plate, apply Dehydrate and Powerbond. Using the Control Spatula, cut off the required amount of the gel and apply it to the nail. Lightly moisten the brush with Control Solution construction fluid and spread the gel over the nail plate, and then cure in an LED or UV apparatus.

Material consumption: 30 - 50 procedures for myodeling / strengthening nails

Polymerization time:
UV apparatus - 2 minutes
LED device - 1 minute

Expiration date: 3 years
Storage conditions: away from direct sunlight and UV / LED devices

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