IBD, Dehydrate Dehydrator, 14 ml

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Brand: IBD

Dehydrator IBD Dehydrate is used by masters of manicure and pedicure to prepare the surface of the nail for processing with artificial materials. It serves to degrease, cleanse, restore the ph-balance of the nail. The drug is completely safe and does not contain dyes or harmful substances.

After application, the butyl acetate contained in the composition completely evaporates from the surface of the nail plate. IBD Dehydrate is used as a pre-treatment before applying any type of artificial modeling materials.

Manufacturer: USA

To prevent the appearance of visible defects when creating a manicure, you should buy an IBD Dehydrate dehydrator with delivery. It is this tool that is used before starting modeling, when applying any types of varnishes and gel varnishes.

Tags: dehydrator

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