In'Garden, Gel Polish X-Gel No. 180

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Brand: In’Garden

Gel polish greenish-white, enamel. Volume: 8 ml.

Gel polishes from the X-Gel collection are distinguished by high color density and durability up to 6 weeks. Self-leveling, well overlap the nail plate in just 1 layer, however, for a more saturated shade, it is recommended to apply 2 layers. The composition of gel polishes contains components that are safe for nails.

A wide palette of shades opens up opportunities for nail experiments, and the absence of an unpleasant odor and a comfortable brush makes the work comfortable. The coatings have a thick consistency, so they can give a moderate volume, which must be taken into account when leveling and strengthening nails.

Tags: In'Garden, gel polish, ingarden

Product characteristics
Volume 8 ml
Gel polish
Shade Green and Yellow
Effect Without effect
Price in reward points: 290
Reward Points: 8.70
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