Zinger, 7-in-1 Universal Nail Coating (NC 82)

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Brand: Zinger

Base coat 7 in 1 "Strengthen and heal" NC-82. Universal coating that combines 7 functions for nail care

Main ingredients: Peptides - strengthens nail keratin and protects against breakage. Hexanal is a component for strengthening nails, improves the condition of the nail plate. Amino Acids - Stimulates the growth of healthy nails. Vitamin E - moisturizes and nourishes the nail plate and cuticle, removes toxins. Argan oil - rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, strengthens, protects connective tissue, moisturizes the nail plate and cuticle. Baobab Oil - Helps restore and strengthen dry and brittle nails.

Description: Thanks to the newest formula based on a mixture of argan oil and baobab oil, the tool combines the advantages of 7 nail care products and performs the following functions: evens out the nail plate before applying varnish; strengthens nails; protects nails and cuticles from drying out; stimulates rapid nail growth; moisturizes nails and cuticles; stimulates the regeneration of cells of the nail plate; protects the manicure from chips as a top coat. The product is easy to apply, evens out the color and gives a mirror shine to the manicure.

Application: 1. Apply one coat of the product to a clean nail surface to be used as a base for a manicure. Let the coating dry. 2. Apply 2 coats of nail polish to your nails. 3. Apply 1 coat as a top coat.

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