Fruit jelly for nail design No. 06

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Brand: In’Garden

As bottomless as the sea in calm weather. Delicate like a cloudless sky. Marmalade No. 06 is a sparkling, unique shade that fits perfectly into the concept of tranquility. Despite its originality, this color is perfect for both girls with character and modest Turgenev young ladies. By experimenting with color combinations, you can achieve from it both a bright detail and a harmonious presence in tandem with other varnishes.

How to use: 1. As a rub: apply marmalade on the sticky layer of gel polish and rub into the nail plate with a brush. Cover with a top coat, dry for 2 minutes in a UV lamp. 2. For the effect of "sugared nails": on the finished nails covered with colored gel polish and top, apply the rubber base "Ideal Nails" (do not dry), sprinkle generously with marmalade. Cure in a lamp for 2 minutes, brush off the rest with a dry brush.

Tags: marmalade for nails, melange for nails, semolina for nails, snowball, sugar nails, marmalade

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