BHM Professional, Gelex Liquid, 80 ml

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The special liquid is designed for easy and even distribution of Gelex over the nail plate. Allows you to work comfortably with the material without clogging the brush. It is not a monomer.

Mode of application:

  1. Prepare the nail plate, degrease, apply a primer.
  2. Using a metal spatula, remove the required amount of polygel, apply it to the nail.
  3. Moisten a gel brush with Gelex construction fluid and distribute a small amount of polygel over the nail plate. When working, wet the brush with liquid from time to time.
  4. Cure in a UV lamp (36W) for 2 minutes, in an LED lamp for 30-60 seconds.
  5. Remove the sticky layer. To make sawdust of the material with a file for natural nails. Apply a top coat.

Tags: GeleX, Slip Solution, BHM, Engineering Fluid

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