BRELIL, Bio Liss Mask, 200 ml - Smoothing Mask

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Brand: Brelil

Purpose: Moisturizing smoothing mask for straight or unruly hair.

Active ingredients: Avocado oil, olive leaf extract in thermal water, vitamin E, OMEGA-9.

Action: Mask regenerating, smoothing for straight or unmanageable hair Brelil Bio Traitement Liss Mask perfectly copes with the care of unruly hair, prevents split ends, makes coarse hair softer and smoother. Avocado oil, which is part of the mask, is a valuable natural component. It strengthens the hair, gives it a silky shine, strengthens it, supplying the necessary vitamins to its roots. Olive leaf extract helps to improve hair structure, nourishes and revitalizes.

Application: Apply the mask to damp hair washed with Brelil Bio Traitement Liss Shampoo for straight and unmanageable hair. Leave it on for 5-7 minutes, then wash off.

Volume: 200 ml

Tags: brelil, hair mask, Curly hair mask

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