Concentrate for disinfection "MultiDes", 500 ml

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Brand: Teflex

A preparation for sterilization and disinfection of instruments. Possesses antimicrobial activity against various gram-negative and gram-positive microorganisms (including causative agents of nosocomial and anaerobic infections and mycobacterium tuberculosis), viruses (including adenoviruses, influenza viruses, parainfluenza, and other types of influenza virus, causative agents of acute respiratory hepatitis, herpes virus , SARS, HIV infection, etc.), fungi of the genus Candida and Trichophyton (dermatophytosis), molds; the agent has sporicidal activity.

Easy to use, has a high washing ability (no foam), high level disinfection (sterilization), safety for humans. The product does not spoil the processed objects, does not discolor fabrics, does not fix organic pollution, does not cause corrosion of metals.

A 4-5% solution is used for sterilization. For a 4% solution requires (per 100 ml. Solution): 4 ml. concentrate Multidez Teflex and 96 ml. water, holding time 30 min. For a 5% solution, the holding time is 15 minutes. For disinfection, solutions of 2% (30 min), 2.5% (15 min) are used. For surface treatment - solutions of 0.5% (90 min), 1% (60 min), 1.25% (30 min) and 1.5% (15 min).

Composition: 10% modified PGMG, surfactant, multifunctional additives.
Manufacturer : Russia

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