Staleks, Ingrown Nail Clippers Classic, NC-61-14, 14mm

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Brand: Metzger

Ingrown nail clippers are distinguished by the fact that their thin, but at the same time very strong blades allow you to get rid of an ingrown nail quickly and painlessly. Manicure nippers are made of 40X13 stainless steel, which is used for the production of surgical instruments. Vacuum heat treatment provides high hardness of steel, 48-50 HRC, which, in combination with high-quality sharpening, allows using nippers for a long time (3-5 years) without re-sharpening. All nail clippers are sharpened by highly skilled craftsmen on a diamond-coated wheel.

Nippers Staleks seriously stand out against the background of other manicure accessories due to the smoothness and sharpness of the blades, the convenience of the handles that allow you to securely and comfortably hold the tool, high-quality steel from which they are made. This and much more makes the nippers of this series in demand in the market of manicure accessories. This tool belongs to the group of medical products, it cannot be returned or exchanged.

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