GELISH 18G Plus with Comfort Cure LED Professional Light - professional LED device 36 W

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LED device GELISH 18G plus with Comfort Cure is a compact and ergonomic LED device of the latest generation (developed in 2018) from the California brand GELISH, designed for professional use.

The power of the device is 36 watts, which allows you to effectively work with GELISH gel polishes, the GELISH POLYGEL system and GELISH Hard Gel modeling gels, as well as with all LED materials on the market.

New functions in the device, compared to the previous model (2015-2017):

  1. Comfort Cure program with a gradual increase in the power of the emitted LED light - forget about the burning sensation: comfortable polymerization of gel polishes and gels even for the most sensitive clients.

  2. Added a 60 second timer to cure highly pigmented and dense LED materials such as Gelish PolyGel Bright White;

  3. The timer for 20 seconds has been removed.

Made of scratch-resistant and acetone-resistant plastic, the device does not take up unnecessary work space and is easy to use for both the master and the client. Exceptional power, combined with the ability to polymerize the coating on five fingers of one hand at once, reduces manicure time to several minutes, and the removable tray makes the device indispensable for pedicure.

All functions are controlled by the touch screen, which provides full control over the polymerization time and the functioning of the motion sensor.
The LED device GELISH 18G plus with Comfort Cure can be used both in salons and by craftsmen working at home or visiting clients.

LED device 18G plus :

  • power 36 watts (18 LEDs of 2 watts);
  • equipped with a timer for 5, 30, 60 seconds;
  • 2 switching modes - manual and automatic;
  • new function of turning on the device - Comfot Cure with a gradual increase in the power of the emitted LED light;
  • touch display with visualization of time countdown;
  • patented eyeSheild protective shield;
  • removable magnetic tray that simplifies the disinfection procedure and allows you to use the device in a pedicure;
  • modified adapter socket to prevent accidental disconnection of the power cable;
  • polymerizes the base coat in 5 seconds, color gel polish - in 30 seconds, polygels in 30-60 seconds - saves the time of the master and the client;
  • simultaneous polymerization of 5 fingers at once;
  • the service life of the device is 50,000 hours - you don't have to change the lamps
  • 1 year warranty for the case and components, 5 years for the LED;
  • complies with international safety standards
  • spectacular luminous cushion with the GELISH logo.

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