Estel, De Luxe care paint 0 / 00A

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Brand: Estel

Care paint 0 / 00A De Luxe from Estelle is used to lighten and to dawn shades in a color range. The brightening power of the cream depends on the selected oxygenate. It is the basis for obtaining new individual shades when mixed with color correctors in an arbitrary ratio.

Method of application: C is mixed with Estel De Luxe oxygenates 3%, 6%, 9% in a 1: 1 ratio. When calculating the oxygen, the amount of the corrector is taken into account. It is added to the bleaching powder to obtain a creamy consistency and a slight increase in the clarification time: Powder (30 g) + 0 / 00A (15 g) + De Luxe oxygenant 3%, 6% (75 g). At the end of the exposure time, emulsify the cream-paint with water for several minutes, rinse thoroughly.

Volume: 60 ml.

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