Marathon, SDE-H37SP Micromotor, 35,000 RPM

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The SDE-H37SP handpiece has a torque of 2.9 N * m, airflow around the handle, and can rotate the cutter at 30,000 rpm.

THE DEVICE WITH THE TIP SDE-H37SP ALLOWS TO COMFORTABLY PERFORM : manicure, pedicure, preparation of the nail plate for extension, removal of artificial nails. Even when working at low speeds, the cutter does not stop during work. This manicure and pedicure device has a very high-quality tip, there is absolutely no vibration during operation. Thanks to the handpiece cooling system, it is convenient to work with the device for several hours at a time. It is also worth noting the cutter clamping system. This handpiece has a simple and reliable mechanism - a snap-on metal collet. After inserting the cutter into the tip, simply turn the lock - and the cutter is securely fastened! The cutter can also be removed easily by turning the tip lock in the opposite direction. This device for manicure and pedicure can be a great gift for a novice master or for a professional nail service.

WARRANTY 6 months

DELIVERY INCLUDED: Handpiece SDE-H37SP, instruction manual + warranty card

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