UNO, Camouflage base Rubber No. 05

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Brand: UNO

Camouflage base for gel polish (8 ml) dark beige, without mother-of-pearl and glitter, dense.

Camouflage rubber base coat Uno color rubber base perfectly evens the surface of natural nails due to its dense and dense texture. Provides additional strength to the coating. Convenient brush for comfortable application. Allows you to completely camouflage the natural nail plate and emphasize the natural beauty of the client's hands. Thanks to its innovative formula, the base does not damage natural nails. Does not detach on soft and thin nails. Ideal for creating a French manicure, as a base for any design or as a stand-alone nude finish. The manicure will look as natural as possible.

Method of application: The base is applied to the prepared, fat-free nail plate. The recommended polymerization time in a UV lamp is 3 minutes, in an LED lamp - 60 seconds. The sticky layer does not come off, it will allow the gel polish to adhere more firmly to the nail plate.

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