Gigasept Instru AF (Lisetol), 2 l. - Means for disinfecting and cleaning instruments

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Purpose :
For disinfection, including combined with pre-sterilization cleaning, of medical devices (including medical instruments for flexible endoscopes ) in medical institutions.
Ingredients :
Active ingredients:
14.0% coospropylenediamineguanidine diacetate, 35% phenoxypropanol and 2.5% benzalkonium chloride.
Consistency, properties:
Transparent green liquid with a specific odor. The pH of the product is 8.4 + 0.3.
The product has detergent properties. Does not cause corrosion of metal products
Application :
Disinfection of medical devices, including combined with pre-sterilization cleaning, is carried out in plastic or enameled (without damaging the enamel) containers with lids, according to the modes specified in the tables of guidelines. The products are immersed in the working solution of the product immediately after their use, preventing the dirt from drying out on them. The channels and cavities in the products are filled with the help of auxiliary means. (pipettes, syringes) with a solution, avoiding the formation of air pockets; detachable products are immersed in disassembled solution. Products with locking parts are immersed open, having previously made several working movements in the solution for better penetration of the solution into hard-to-reach areas of the products in the area of the locking part. After the end of the disinfection exposure, the products are removed from the solution of the agent and washed with warm running drinking water for at least 1 minute or sequentially washed in two containers with warm water - 2.5 minutes each.
Shelf life:
-concentrate 3 years;
- working solutions - 7 days.

Features and Notes:
At the stage of soaking products in a working solution, they are disinfected for viral, bacterial (including tuberculosis) and fungal infections. For disinfection of medical devices, including combined with pre-sterilization cleaning, working solutions of the agent can be used repeatedly (during their shelf life), provided that their appearance has not changed. When the first signs of a change in appearance appear (change in color, cloudiness of the solution, etc.), the solution must be replaced.

Tags: Means for disinfecting and cleaning instruments

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