In'Garden, Gel Polish X-Gel No. 145

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Brand: In’Garden

Shade Type: Heavenly Pastel Enamel

Airy, heavenly color, will tune in to dreams. Charge the mood for their implementation. Ideal for blondes.

Gel varnishes In'Garden X-gel (X-gel) is:
• color and coating fastness up to 4-6 weeks
• ease of application
• the most modern and safe components of the highest quality
• hiding power of the color when applied already in 1 layer
• thick consistency of the material
• super handy brush for application
• excellent widest palette of shades

Application recommendations:
In'Garden X-gel has a thick consistency, therefore it can give a moderate amount of coverage, which must be taken into account when smoothing and strengthening nails.
Since these gel polishes are perfectly pigmented, it is recommended to polymerize them in LED and hybrid lamps from 48 watts.
Gel varnishes In'Garden X-gel have excellent hiding power when applied in 1 layer, however, for a more intense shade, it is recommended to apply a color coat in 2 layers. Also, each color coat must go through a continuous full cycle of curing the recommended time for your type of lamp.

Polymerization time:
LED lamp from 48 Watt: 1-2 min.

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Product characteristics
Gel polish
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Reward Points: 8.70
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