Copolin, 1 cm * 10 m, 1 piece

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Kopolin is an irreplaceable remedy for various methods of nail correction. It is a non-woven material that is widely used by pedicure and manicure professionals when dealing with ingrown nail, broken nail, painful nails. Copolin is especially often used when repairing nails using Gevol Nail Mass (Gevol Glue). Kopolin is laid with the required number of layers on the uncured nail mass, modeled and leveled with a finger. The number of layers is regulated by the master until the thickness of the new nail is as close as possible to healthy nails.

Copolin is a very economical tool, which should always be "at hand" by a professional.

Thickness: thin
Size: 1cm * 10m
Country of origin: Germany

Tags: copolin, copalin, capolin, capalin

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