Born Pretty, Spring Garden Stamping Plate L006

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Born Pretty stamping plate is a printing plate for applying drawings on nails (stamping). Plate size: 126 cm. The plate is made of durable metal. It is smooth and shiny, which allows you to apply high-precision designs with perfect elaboration of even the smallest details of the design.

Drawings can be combined, applied with different colors of varnishes, rhinestones, pearls, broths, and any other decorative elements can be added. Printing forms help the master to make a professional nail design, repeat the same pattern on each finger. With stamping, you can achieve great results in minutes. Before using the plate, you must remove the protective film from the plate.

How to use: apply a small amount of paint or a special highly pigmented nail polish on the stencil plate, remove excess with a scraper, press the stamp pad to the drawing and transfer it to the nail. Then cover the pattern with a protective top coat.

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