LCN, Recolution Advanced # 743 Strawberry chai smoothie Gel Polish, 10 ml

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Brand: LCN

Light terracotta in a creamy finish.

Feel the difference - 100% acid-free gel polishes!

The special acid-free formula of Recolution gel polishes has several important advantages:

  • Maximum safety and biocompatibility with all types of nails. All products in the Recolution line, including base and top, are acid-free and will not harm your nails. Under the influence of the cumulative effect, the nails will become noticeably stronger by 3-4 procedures.
  • The Recolution formula makes the work of the master simple and quick - you no longer need to shake the bottle before use, since the gel polish does not thicken in the bottle and is consumed to the last drop, providing easy application and expressive gloss for up to 4 weeks.
  • Recolution has an unusual elastic consistency, which makes the shades dense and saturated in just 1-2 layers and greatly increases the resistance to scratches and chips.
  • Fast removal with special soft liquid with nourishing oils Loosener or ceramic burr.

Made in Germany.

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Gel polish
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