ruNail, Single Phase UV Gel, Clear, 56 g

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The unique formula of ruNail single-phase gels is distinguished by the absence of odor and large sawdust, which does not produce fine dust, which significantly reduces the likelihood of allergic reactions. Gels combine 3 phases at once: base layer, modeling and finishing layer. They have an ideal consistency, are easy to model and do not require long filing, they hold the arch perfectly and do not turn yellow when worn. They have a high degree of adhesion, which eliminates peeling and chipping. Retains a bright glossy shine throughout the wear. Does not cause a burning sensation in the lamp.

Directions for use: Curing time in UV lamp (36 W): base coat 2 minutes, modeling coat 2 minutes, finishing coat 2 minutes. In high-power LED / UV lamps (48 W), all gel layers cure in 30 seconds.

Tags: Single phase UV gel, clear gel, runail gel, runail

Product characteristics
Volume 56 g
Price in reward points: 780
Reward Points: 23.40
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