CND Shellac, gel polish No. 09942, Water Park, 7.3 ml

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Brand: CND

Color: cornflower blue mother-of-pearl with silver micro-shimmer

CND Shellac ™ (shellac) - an innovative coating for nails that combines the properties of varnish and gel. The unique shellac formula allows you to achieve an ideal result, create a flawless and long-lasting manicure without harming the nail plates. Scratches, cracks, chipping are a thing of the past with the Shellac CND system. Modern technologies have made it possible to obtain a hypoallergenic unique product developed according to the 3 FREE formula. The composition does not contain dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde and its resins.

CND Shellac ™ is a high quality product appreciated by consumers all over the world. Use only high-quality original products in your work and get a lot of enthusiastic and loyal customers.

CND Shellac ™ is quick and easy to apply and remove in less than 8 minutes with Artificial Nail Remover. Shellac perfectly strengthens the nail plates, prevents them from flaking and yellowing. Helps those who wish to grow long and healthy nails. A varied palette of rich colors is often replenished with new shades and is able to satisfy the needs of each client.

Due to the absence of harmful substances in the shellac and the application without damaging the structure of the nail plate, shellac can be used constantly. The shellac formula was developed in America by Creative Nail Design. The coating includes 3 steps: Base Coat, Color Coat, Top Coat. Shellac dries when exposed to the rays of a UV lamp.

The main advantages of using CND Shellac (shellac) for consumers in professional application:
- Excellent external characteristics of the coating. Perfect glossy shine, intense color without unevenness.
- Wide color palette, constantly replenished with fashionable shades.
- The color does not fade in the sun. The unique formula of CND Shellac allows you to maintain color saturation even under the influence of sunlight.
- Strengthening nails, makes nails stronger.
- Resistant coating, Shilak lasts for more than 14 days without losing its aesthetic characteristics.
- Resistant to damage. No scratches, chipping and smudging.
- Easy to use.
- Hypoallergenic. It does not have a strong smell and does not cause allergies.
- Safe. The composition does not contain dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde and its resins.

Benefits for the craftsman using the original CND Shellac ™:
- Rapid mastering of the shellac system. Thanks to a gel-like application, there will be no problems with dripping and waste of material.
- The flat brush makes the use of shellac as convenient as possible.
- Easy to apply - it is applied like a regular varnish and cured with a UV lamp. Before polymerization, it is possible to eliminate all imperfections and irregularities.
- Fast customer service. On average, the procedure takes 30 minutes.
- Excellent overlap. The manicure will look perfect without streaks. The client will be satisfied and will return to you more than once.
- Removal does not require cutting. It is removed with a special solution.
- Each bottle has a unique packaging: the outside is covered with a colored film corresponding to the color of shellac, inside: a convenient triangular brush with a rubberized cap.
- Low cost. Economical consumption allows minimal material consumption.

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