Milv, Express Good Bye Cuticles Keratogel, 15 ml

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Brand: MILV

Means for softening and removing cuticles.

Professional remedy for instant cuticle removal.
The increased content of active ingredients contributes to the rapid softening and dissolution of the cuticle. Due to its more liquid consistency, the agent quickly penetrates into all areas of the treated surface. You can start the process of removing the cuticle immediately after applying the express tool.

With regular use (no more than once a week), cuticle growth slows down noticeably.

Mode of application:
1. Apply the product to the cuticle.
2. Immediately start removing the cuticle with a manicure stick. Remove any leftover product. Apply neutralizer.
3. Wash your hands.
4. Apply firming oil to the cuticle and nail plate.

Tags: remover, cuticle remover, keratogel, milv

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