Milv, Sugar Shugaring Paste, Dense, 150 g

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Brand: MILV

Sugar paste with a dense consistency is suitable for removing coarse and ingrown hairs. The product requires preliminary heating, retains its plasticity for a long time, does not stick to hands during operation. The aloe vera extract included in the product relieves irritation, providing a regenerating and regenerating effect.

Mode of application:

  • Pre-clean the depilation area by treating with a special lotion and sprinkle with a small amount of talcum powder.
  • Warm up the product to 30–40 ° С.
  • Distribute against hair growth.
  • With your free hand, pull the skin, and with the other hand, in the direction of hair growth, tear off the sugar paste with a sharp movement.
  • After finishing, wash off the remains of the product, treat the skin with a soothing cream.

Ingredients: Sucrose, aqua, citric acid, aloe barbadensis leaf juice.

Tags: sugaring, sugar paste, epilation, depilation, sugar depilation, sugar, sugar paste, milv

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