Blue Cross, Lanolin Cuticle Remover, 473 ml.

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Brand: Nail Products

Blue Cross Remover with Lanolin is perfect for manicure and pedicure. The original formula eliminates steaming. Refers to alkaline (safer in comparison with acidic) removers.

Manicure: Apply to the cuticle area; Gently push back the cuticle, remove the pterygium; Wash with warm water and soap and pat dry.

Pedicure: Blue Cross Remover is also used in pedicure to soften cornification. For ease of application, moisten cotton pads with it, apply to the feet. The processing time for cornification is 3-10 minutes.

The duration of action depends on the individual characteristics of the skin: the softer it is, the less time it takes to process.

Ingredients: Water, Castic Potash, Calcium Carrageenan, Oil & Lanolin.

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