LAV, the author's collection of colored acrylics The Loom by Elena Maltseva, 12 pcs, 3.5 g each

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Video presentation of the collection and the capabilities of these acrylics from Elena Maltseva:

The author's collection of colored acrylics from Elena Maltseva is for nail designers who have stepped one step higher, and in sculptural acrylic modeling are already able to create not only flowers and floristic compositions, but also complex complex sophisticated works on acrylic nail art that attract attention ... These shades complement your base color acrylics that you already work with when creating acrylic designs.

The collection is called The Loom (ze lum), which translated from English in this context means "mirage", "outlines", "reflection", "shadow". Consists of different types of complex shades of acrylic.

These colored acrylics can be used:

  • when creating complex competitive works on acrylic design (internal design, media mix, any 3D and Fantasy nominations), since they have intermediate shades, consisting of several acrylic colors at the same time, helping to create a complex color tone;
  • to create backgrounds, small details of acrylic designs, complicate and complement simple shades of colored acrylic already used in your acrylic design;
  • when creating the main elements of acrylic design, which should immediately attract attention (the main characters, the main elements of nail design);
  • if necessary, convey the complexity of shades in design elements and the complexity of shadow effects;
  • to give acrylic designs more volume and depth.

The collection contains 12 acrylic powders of 3.5 g each.
01 LAGOON / LAGOON - dense saturated acrylic of the color of emerald sea wave
02 FOG / FOG - dense saturated intense gray acrylic
03 OLIVE - dense, delicate sandy-greenish acrylic with a warm accent
04 IVORY / Ivory - dense noble beige-yellow acrylic
05 SAHARA / SUGARA - soft saturated acrylic color of the glare of sunset on the desert sand
06 PEAFOWL - dense coral-salmon acrylic
07 DUSTY ROSE - a dense bordering acrylic color that includes notes of beige, pink and blue hues
08 INDIGO / INDIGO - dense cold dusty lilac shadow acrylic
09 TWILIGHT - dense saturated acrylic containing shades of beige, gray and blue, imitating twilight and shadows; one of the versions of eggplant color
10 BLACK PRINCE / BLACK PRINCE - dense uniform saturated black acrylic
11 SLIVER DAWN / SILVER SUNRISE - silver-steel acrylic with different size glitter
12 GOLDEN SUNSET / GOLDEN SUNSET - dark gold acrylic with different sizes of glitter

Expiration date: 5 years
After the start of use, the recommended period of use: no more than 3 years.

Made in Russia from US-made components.

Ingredient composition:
Polyethylmethacrylate, Polymethyl Methacrylate, Benzoyl Peroxide, Certified Pigments, Glitter.

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