GiGi, Citrus Paraffin, Citrus Paraffin, 453 g.

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Brand: GiGi

Paraffin wax contains vitamin E for deep skin hydration. The special formula keeps the paraffin warm for a long time. Suitable for all types of paraffin therapy.

Application : Open the package and place the contents in a special tray.
DO NOT warm up the paraffin in the package. Read the instructions for paraffin therapy procedures carefully. Always maintain the correct level of paraffin in the bath. Heat treatment with paraffin is an ideal way to relax and soften and moisturize dry skin.

The use of paraffin creates a mini-sauna effect on the skin, creating moisture and warmth that increase blood circulation. GiGi paraffin hardens on the skin and turns into a “glove” that retains warmth and wraps around the skin, which retains heat for 10-15 minutes. The pores open and allow moisture to penetrate faster. GiGi paraffins have a therapeutic effect, as the GiGi range includes paraffins with peach, eucalyptus and many others.

Paraffin therapy is one of the most popular services in a modern beauty salon. As a result of paraffin therapy, the water balance of the skin is restored. The procedure restores the epidermis, and minor lesions on the skin are healed due to the blood flow. Natural components of GiGi paraffin help to qualitatively moisturize the skin, relax tired muscles, and reduce the harmful effect of UV light. Clients love paraffin therapy because its beneficial effect becomes obvious after the first session, and the masters love it for a low cost and a clear effect.

Just 20-25 minutes, and the skin is transformed, it becomes soft, smooth and hydrated. Remember that you will need a paraffin bath, warm mittens for the procedure, and disposable thin plastic bags.

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