GiGi, Ingrown Hair Scrub, No Bump, Scrub, 170 g.

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Brand: GiGi

The preparation contains extracts of mango and honey, and is excellent for procedures before and after depilation. Removes dead skin cells by releasing hair follicles, preparing the client's skin for depilation. The honey included in the preparation moisturizes and softens the skin, while the mango extract prevents clogging of pores. With prolonged use, the scrub reduces the amount of ingrown hairs after depilation.

Application: While showering at home, massage the scrub onto the body, arms, legs and bikini area. Use no later than 8 hours before epilation and no earlier than 48 hours after. Waxing gives your clients an unsurpassed feeling of smoothness, which will delight them for up to 3 weeks!

Tags: ingrown hair scrub, depilatory scrub, ingrown hair remedy