GiGi, Super Fruit Wax Cranberry + Pomegranate, 396 g - Fruit wax with cranberry and pomegranate extracts

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Brand: GiGi

The new wax contains cranberry extracts, known for their anti-allergic properties, and pomegranate has a pronounced anti-aging effect - the oil stimulates collagen synthesis and improves skin microcirculation. In addition, pomegranate oil protects the skin from UV rays and intensively nourishes it. In short, together with the hair removal procedure, you provide your clients with professional beauty care. Pomegranate wax has all the properties of conventional body waxes and is suitable for removing hair from the legs, arms, body and face. The wax melts at a low temperature, so it is suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Application :
1. Place the cardboard collar on the wax tray.
2. Remove the plastic wrap from the jar and place on the tray. Set the temperature to HIGH and let it sit for 30-45 minutes until the wax is very thin, then set it to LOW to prevent the wax from hardening.
3. Check the temperature of the wax with a swab on your wrist before starting the depilation procedure.
4. Treat the skin surface with GiGi Pre-Hon Pre-Epilation Lotion and remove the remaining lotion with a dry cloth.
5. Spray the skin surface with GiGi Anestethic Numbing Spray to reduce the sensitivity of the treated skin.
6. Apply Pre-Epilation Oil to your skin.
7. Holding the applicator at a 450 angle in the direction of hair growth, apply a thin layer of wax to the skin.
8. Let the wax harden, wait 30 seconds.
9. Then, in one sharp motion, in the opposite direction of hair growth and holding the skin, remove the wax.
10. Never apply wax to an area of skin that has just been epilated.
11. Apply GiGi Wax Off Lotion to remove wax residue from skin and close pores.
12. Apply GiGi ® Slow Growth Lotion every day after showering to consolidate and maintain the achieved effect. It will slow down hair growth and increase the interval between sessions.

Note: If wax gets on your lashes, keep your eyes closed. Apply some petroleum jelly to your lashes and remove with an eyelash comb. Wipe first with a damp cloth and then with a cotton pad to remove any remaining moisture.

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