Morgan Taylor, Calming Lavender & Sage Soothing SPA Complex with Lavender & Sage

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Brand: Morgan Taylor

Pedicure and manicure SPA-system "SOFTENING"

Feeling stressed?
Sage extract has tonic and anti-inflammatory properties, while lavender scent relieves stress, headaches and restores a sense of calmness.

The set includes:
Your aroma therapy adventure begins with this miraculous mineral treatment that soothes, detoxifies and cleanses your feet and hands.
The aromatic soak begins to cleanse and open up your pores and capillaries, making your skin receptive to the detox mask.
• Dissolve 15 g of salt in water and place hands / feet in the bath for 5-7 minutes. The soaking step will warm up the tissues and improve blood circulation, preparing the skin for the application of the detox mask.
• With a dry towel, wipe off excess moisture from the skin of the hands / feet.

So effective that your skin will instantly feel its action! The absorbent clays are formulated to help your skin look attractive.
The magic of the mask begins at the moment when you feel the cooling effect - it is at this time that impurities are removed from the skin.
• Apply a thin layer of the mask to the hands / feet.
• To enhance the effect, wrap with plastic wrap and place hands / feet in mittens / socks.

Leaves your skin smooth and receptive to deep hydration. Fine exfoliating granules gently remove dead skin, leaving it soft and fresh. The scrub, made with a unique blend of Dead Sea Salt, removes impurities from the skin for a healthy glow.
• Without rinsing the mask off the skin, massage a small amount of the scrub onto your hands / feet. Treat each hand / foot separately, so that the remnants of the mask and keratinized skin layers are removed.
• Rinse off the remaining scrub with water, dry your hands / feet with a dry towel.

Silk-like, delicate butter nourishes and moisturizes skin, while shea butter extract will give it a velvety and healthy appearance. Perfectly absorbed, leaving no greasy residue after application. Perfect consolidation of the effect and completion of the SPA procedure.
• For a finishing treatment, perform a relaxing oil massage to give your skin a silky softness.
• For deeper hydration of the skin, immediately after applying the oil, carry out the paraffin therapy procedure using terry mittens / socks. After removing the paraffin, apply massage oil again to complete the SPA treatment.

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