Strong 210/105, manicure / pedicure machine (with pedal, in bag)

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Brand: Saeshin

The Strong 210 / 105L device is designed for manicure, pedicure and nail extension procedures. Suitable both for work in a salon with high traffic of customers and at home. The power of the micromotor of the machine is 64 watts, which allows it to be used for manicure and pedicure. The rotation speed is 35,000 rpm, the device has a reverse function. The machine has a collet mode for changing the cutter, which allows the master to replace the nozzle quickly and easily (spending no more than 3 seconds). The handle does not heat up, thanks to the special air intake, which has a tip of the Strong device.

For the convenience of the master, a case for cutters is located on the body of the device in order to have the most necessary nozzles at hand. Also, vibration of the machine during operation is completely excluded, since the design of the micromotor includes 4 bearings that do not allow vibration of the cutter. The set also includes a handy and beautiful zippered bag, in which it is convenient to carry the device.


  • power: 64 W;
  • size: 109x131x85 mm;
  • rotation speed 35000 rpm;
  • reverse: yes;
  • pedal: yes;
  • type of power supply: 220 V;
  • warranty: 12 months

The device is equipped with a voltage switch. In Russia and the CIS countries - the switch must be set to 220 V. Before starting work, in order to avoid damage to the device, make sure that the switch is in the correct position at 220 V! The breakdown of the device due to the switching on of the device to the network when the voltage switch is set to 110 V is NOT a warranty case!

The device is a technically complex product, it cannot be exchanged or returned (article 25 of the Federal Law "ZoZPP"). In case of a breakdown, the device is diagnosed and repaired in official service centers.

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