Ball sterilizer

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Apparatus for high-temperature processing of instruments.
Quartz, high-temperature glasperlen sterilizer, suitable for heat treatment of metal instruments for manicure and pedicure, cutters. The temperature inside the sterilizer reaches 250 degrees. Before the first use, it is necessary to fill the sterilizer with glasperlen balls (they are included in the set with the sterilizer). Connect to the electrical network, the characteristics of which are indicated on the original packaging. Close the sterilizer lid during heating to avoid accidental burns. When the sterilizer is connected to the electrical network, a lamp should light up, which will go out when the device is heated to the maximum temperature required for sterilization. Then lift the lid and insert the instruments to be sterilized for 20-30 seconds. Remove instruments from container and close lid. The light will come on periodically to indicate that the sterilizer is maintaining the required temperature. 270 views.

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