EzFlow, Protein Natural Nail Treatment, 4.5 ml.

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Brand: EzFlow

The preparation has a strengthening effect on brittle, fragile, exfoliating nails due to the content of the protein base. The drug is so effective that it is able to restore natural nails even if problems arise after modeling artificial nails.

Application: The drug must be used within 5 days. Remove polish and other coatings and apply in one coat as you would normally apply nail polish. The next day, without removing the old layer of Natural Nail Treatment, apply a new layer over it. Repeat the procedure for 5 days. At the end of Day 5, remove the preparation from the nails with EzFlow Polish Remover. Repeat the procedure one more time. After completing the course, you can use the drug for several weeks as a base coat.

Note: During the course of treatment, it is recommended to refrain from applying varnishes and other coatings to the nails.

Tags: nail treatment, nail strengthening

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