EzFlow, TruGel Bond-It-On Gel Polish Bonder, 14 ml

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Brand: EzFlow

Bonder provide 2-3 week long lasting of colored gel coatings for 99.9% of customers.
Adhesive Bonder - a unique acid-free preparation that is essential for weak and soft nails.

This product is not a gel or a dehydrator, but a sticky substance when it dries, which forms a powerful bond between the base coat from the gel polish system and the client's natural nail, ensuring a long life for modern manicure.

Application : Apply one layer of the preparation to the entire surface of the nail plate. The preparation will air dry in a matter of seconds. Proceed with the application of the base coat from the gel polish system.

The adhesive bonder is also recommended for clients whose nails are prone to peeling gel nails.

Tags: bonder, degreaser

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