EzFlow, Neon Acrylic Kit - set of neon colored acrylics

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Brand: EzFlow

Includes: 6 vibrant, vibrant, trendy 7-gram colors that can be mixed for endless creative possibilities. As with all EzFlow acrylic powders, neon acrylics can be used with any monomer.

- neon coral Coral Blaze
- neon pink Pink Spark
- neon yellow Dayglow
- neon fuchsia Fuchsia Flash
- neon lime Lime Light
- neon purple Purple Flare

The main use is to create:
Acrylic molding
Internal acrylic design
Design using the velvet dusting technique, combining them with gel polish

The main difference:
+ The finest grind!
+ The brightest neon pigments!
+ Polymerization with any monomer!

Tags: color acrylic, acrylic for design