EzFlow, Master It! - Ultraviolet lamp. 36 watts

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Brand: EzFlow

UV apparatus for one hand with built-in timer for 1, 2, 3 and 4 minutes.
Thoroughly and evenly polymerizes gels and UV coatings due to the parabolic reflector placed in the tray. UV light reflects off reflectors and cures the gel coat completely on all sides. The device is equipped with four 9 Watt UV lamps.
The pallet is also equipped with a special thumb recess. Suitable for pedicure.

Operating instructions: Keep the lamp surfaces clean, avoid dust, dirt and gel residues. To clean, unplug the lamp from the power source and wipe the surface with a damp cloth. Before using the lamp again, make sure there is no liquid left on the parts of the appliance. Do not clean the lamp with acetone as this may damage the surface. The ON / OFF button is located on the back of the lamp.

Changing lamps: Old UV lamps lose their power gradually. If it takes longer than usual for the gel to harden, unplug the lamp, let it cool down, and wipe off dust and dirt with a dry cloth. If this does not help, the lamps need to be replaced. It is necessary to replace the lamps after 3000 hours every 6 months.

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