IBD, Reinforced UV Intense Seal, 14 ml

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Brand: IBD

IBD Intense Seal is a non-tacky, gel-based topcoat. The product can be combined with all extension systems, and is also suitable for covering natural nails with gel polish. The drug has a gel base, it protects nails from the action of solvents, prevents yellowing of extended nails.

Gel extension
This fixing gel can be used as a third phase in a gel nail extension system. It is easier to apply than a top coat, self-leveling and curing in a UV lamp in 3 minutes. The surface of the marigold becomes mirror-smooth and protected from ultraviolet radiation, so that yellowness does not threaten it.

Acrylic extension
When modeling nails using acrylic technology, Intense Seal allows you not to remove the sticky dispersion layer, which reduces the working time of the master. Get a smooth, shiny surface simply - after 3 minutes under UV lamps!

Perfect for those clients on whose nails even gel polish lasts less than the prescribed period. This product from the American leader is guaranteed to cure your nails for a long time and provide a shiny surface for the entire period of wear.

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