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A primer is a preparation that degreases and disinfects the nail plate. The use of a primer guarantees a stronger adhesion between the natural nail and the artificial coating.

APPLICATION : The primer is applied in 2 layers. Avoid getting the drug on the cuticle and periungual skin. If the primer comes in contact with the skin, rinse the area with plenty of running water and neutralize the burn with an alcohol-based product. For severe burns, use water and baking soda. Apply in the form of a paste on the burn. After applying the drug to the nail plate, it should acquire a whitish tint. .ibd.Stick Primer can be used with all professional acrylic and gel systems.

PRODUCT INFORMATION : With the correct application of the dehydrator, the nail technician can be sure of the proper level of dehydration of the nail before performing any type of modeling.

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