Estel, Oxygenate 9% De Luxe, Hair Coloring, 900 ml

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Brand: Estel

Nine percent oxygenant is ideal for color changes of 3-4 tones without preliminary clarification.

Oxide Estelle De Luxe is a universal activator that goes well with all Estel cream colors and bleaching powders. The product has a pleasant thick consistency, when combined with dye compositions, it forms a creamy mixture that spreads easily through the hair, does not flow or dry during the entire dyeing or lightening process. Oxygenate is available in six concentrations (1.5%, 3%, 6%, 9% and 12%), which allows you to easily select the required intensity of action for both thin, weakened and hard, hard-to-act hair. The formula of Estel De Luxe oxide is aimed at the most gentle effect on the hair structure, enriched with moisturizing and conditioning agents that minimize damage caused to curls during chemical exposure.

Method of application: Mix the oxide with a coloring or lightening base. Apply to hair. The exposure time is determined based on the condition of the hair, the procedure performed and the desired result. When working with paints, the oxide of the required concentration is mixed with a cream paint in a ratio of 1/1, when working with a clarifying powder - 1/2.

Tags: oxide, activator

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