Estel, Princess Essex 6% Oxygen, Hair Coloring, 1000 ml

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Brand: Estel

Oxygenant 6% Estelle Princess Essex is specially designed to activate ESSEX cream colors and ESSEX Super Blond Plus or PRINCESS ESSEX powders. The tool has a fairly thick consistency, after combining with the base bases, it forms a composition that is easily distributed over the smooth surface of the hair, does not spread and does not dry during the entire procedure, and delicately treats the curls and scalp. 6% oxygenant is ideal for standard staining with lightening up to 1 tone in length with lightening up to 2 tones in the root part.

How to use: Mix the oxygenant with any of the ESSEX series cream colors or Super Blond Plus or PRINCESS ESSEX lightening powder. The mixing ratio can be 1: 1 or 1: 2 depending on the original hair color and the expected result.

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