Zinger, Gel Cuticle Remover SR-05 (NC10)

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Brand: Zinger

Cuticle remover with antiseptic NC-10

Professional cuticle treatment. Recommended for dry, overgrown cuticles.

Main ingredients: Potassium hydroxide - an alkaline softener of dead skin around the nail for gentle removal. Glycerin - moisturizes the nail plate and cuticle.

Enriched with valuable caring ingredients, the product in one application allows you to delicately remove overgrown cuticles, providing an outline of a smooth and healthy nail contour. Possessing powerful antiseptic properties, it quickly relieves inflammation, nourishes, tones and moisturizes the cuticle. As a result of constant use, the skin around the nail becomes soft, cracks and painful burrs disappear for a long time.

Application : 1. Using the applicator, apply the product to the cuticle. 2. After 15 seconds, use a pusher or orange stick to push back the cuticle. 3. Using an orange swab with a cotton swab, gently remove the keratinized cuticle with twisting movements. 4. Wash your hands thoroughly and dry them. 5. After the procedure, apply NC-20 or NC-21 emollient to the cuticle. 6. Recommended to use once a week.

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Не могу сказать, что 100% помагает в удалении кутикул, но смягчает здорово и это неприменно выручает, кусачкам точно проще.
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