Zinger, Cuticle & Nail Oil (NC 84)

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Brand: Zinger

Oil for the care of cuticles and nails "Nourishing oil" NC-84 Professional massage oil for the care of nails and cuticles

Main ingredients: Cherry plum seed oil - the richest source of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, antioxidants, a complex of mineral elements. Moisturizes, restores nails and cuticles, strengthens the nail plate. Hexanal is a component for strengthening nails, improves the condition of the nail plate.

Nourishing massage oil is a professional nail care product specially formulated to deeply nourish and moisturize, as well as to restore nails and cuticles. Cherry plum seed oil instantly moisturizes and revitalizes thin weak nails, improves the condition of the cuticle. Hexanal significantly strengthens and smoothes the nail plate. Thanks to the new design of the bottle with a convenient pipette, the oil is easily and neatly applied and absorbed quickly. Has a pleasant cherry plum scent. Regular use of nourishing oil slows down cuticle growth and promotes the growth of natural healthy nails.

Application: 1. Apply a drop of the product to dry, clean nails and cuticles. 2. Massage the oil in a circular motion. 3. In case of subsequent application of nail polish, degrease the nail plate.

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