InGarden, Coconut Paraffin Cream, 250 ml

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Brand: In’Garden

Paraffin cream forms a protective film on the skin and creates a sauna effect, perfectly softens, moisturizes and restores problem, dry, rough skin of the hands and feet. Has a delicate mango aroma. The product is easy to apply and remove, it has practically no contraindications, and is easy to use.

Mode of application:

Massage the prepared skin of the hands or feet with a moisturizer or lotion until completely absorbed. Spread the cream-paraffin in an even dense layer with a spatula. Wrap your arms or legs in a plastic bag, then in terry mittens (socks). Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Remove mittens (socks), package, remove excess paraffin with a dry napkin. Spread the remains over the skin with massage movements. Do not rinse.

Tags: paraffin, cold paraffin, paraffin therapy

Product characteristics
Volume 250 g
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