LAV, 003 Metallic Stickers, Gold

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Metallic stickers are a new trend in nail design. This solution is suitable for any season. Stunning designs with a mirror shine will delight all lovers of stylish graceful manicure. Stickers can be used with both regular nail polish and gel polish.

Metallized stickers have a thin film and a reinforced adhesive layer.

How to use?:
Apply varnish or gel polish to the nail surface. Dry well. If you used gel polish, then you need to remove the sticky layer. Use fine tweezers to separate the desired design from the sticker sheet. Place the sticker on the nail, press gently to the surface. Remove the protruding edges of the sticker so that there is a 1 mm indent from the varnish border. Apply the top in 1-2 coats, but pay special attention to sealing at the edges of the nail.

When working with "complex" elements (inside which there is a cutout, for example, "Greek ornament", owls, herringbones, etc.), we recommend choosing the inner shallow cutout with a needle and only after that work with the element. Along the holes (including triangular ones) - when placed to the cuticle, the layers (base, color) applied to the nail should not have a "step", the holes will be very difficult to decompose under this condition. When working, remove excess elements with nippers that are not working for you (lying on the sharpening), the film is metallized and blunts the blade at the tool.

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