LCN, Wilde-Pedique Silver Plus Antimycotic Prosthetic Nail Gel, 10 ml

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Modeling gel for toenail prosthetics system - Wilde-Pedique.

What is the Wilde-Pedique system?

If you want to partially or completely restore damaged nails or give them a magnificent natural look, then LCN has a solution - the Wilde-Pedique system.

The nail prosthetics system consists of 3 products:

1. Adhesion promoter (Connex Silver Plus).
2. Modeling gel (Wilde-Pedique).
3. Top gel (Wilde-Pediseal).

Wilde-Pedique Gel is extremely elastic and adapts to finger movements. Due to its special adhesive properties, you will achieve excellent results even on calloused areas of the skin in the complete absence of the nail plate.

Wilde-Pedique contains the patented PirotoneR antimycotic complex. LCN was the first company to use sophisticated "encapsulation" technology in the production of modeling gels. The first such gel was Wilde Pedique, in which capsules with antimycotic additives open during drying in a lamp and retain their activity thereafter.

Wilde-Pedique is effective on uneven and damaged skin areas, camouflages and protects the nail plate. Thanks to the several shades available, you can always find the most suitable one for any type of nails. After using Wilde-Pedique, you can apply any colored finish.

What this system is suitable for:

• For the correction or complete prosthetics of damaged nails;
• To strengthen sensitive nails;
• For the prevention and protection of nails affected by fungal diseases or psoriasis, as well as for clients with diabetes.

The gel is not curative and is used for prophylactic purposes! Wilde-Pedique can be applied after removing nail fungus.

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