NailTes, Design Yuki Flakes # 15

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New in the nail industry in 2017 - Yuki's chameleon flakes. The "Yuki" rub is reminiscent of gold leaf and produces an impressive effect, as it shimmers in several colors. A palette of 16 shades allows you to mix and match to create customized colors, cosmic-galactic designs.

Mode of application:

  • Apply gel polish as a backing, but don't remove the sticky layer.
  • Dry for 2-3 minutes in UV lamp, 30-60 s in LED.
  • Apply Yuki Flakes with a brush, applicator, or fingers.
  • Gradually rub in the glitter from the center of the nail to the edges.
  • Apply two coats of gel polish top and be sure to seal the ends to avoid chipping and cracking.
  • Dry each layer for 2-3 minutes in a UV lamp, 30-60 seconds in an LED.

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