Born Pretty, Liquid Cuticle Protection Tape (Unscented), 6 ml

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Peel Off Nail Latex is a liquid lace / cuticle defender to protect the cuticle and skin from staining while performing various types of nail art. If you want to make a neat manicure and not waste time removing varnish, gel-paste, acrylic paints, paint for stamping from the cuticle and side rollers of the nail, then Peel Off Nail Latex for nails is simply necessary for you!

Use liquid tape to protect the skin around your nail if you:

  • make a gradient with a smooth color transition;
  • use stamping for nail design;
  • do a water manicure and want to avoid varnish or gel polish flowing;
  • do airbrushing;
  • want to quickly and accurately do a French manicure or a moon manicure.

Directions for use: Apply to the skin around the cuticle and side ridges. Allow to dry for 60-80 seconds (it will become almost transparent) and complete the desired design. After completion, simply remove the film with tweezers, all excess design remains on it.

Despite the name DOES NOT CONTAIN latex, has no odor, can be removed without residue. Formula-antifreeze - even after the contents of the bottle freeze during transportation at low temperatures, just leave the bottle at room temperature for 12-16 hours, and the drug can be used again.

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