Rubleff Kolinsky # 0 - Brush for nail design
Model: 26110
Nail Art Brush..
The Russian company Roubloff was founded in 1988. The natural bristles of the brushes are processed by hand. On some models of brushes, the blended bristle technology is used, when the "undercoat" is made of synthetics, and on top is long natural hair. So the brushes gain the optimal amount of material, the wear resistance improves, while the price drops by about 1.5-2 times. All brushes are perfectly balanced, so the hand does not get tired while working, and the lines are drawn more accurately. Thanks to the chemically resistant glue, the pile will not "climb", and the chrome-plated copper reliably fixes the details of the brush. Choose brushes for gel, acrylic, nail art or Chinese painting d Profmix
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